Frequently asked Questions

How do I make a SafariLove drink?

It’s easy!  Every SafariLove product has guidelines on the packaging on how to make the perfect cup.  Ultimately, it’s totally up to you.  You’ll find as you experiment that you may like your drink a little stronger or milder.  Check out our Recipes page for scrumptious and creative twists you can apply to your SafariLove drinks, from meals, to desserts and bath infusions.

Does water quality matter?

If you are serious foodie, yes.  If you’re not, enjoy your water without the fuss.  We recommend using fresh water and only boiling it once as repeated boiling reduces the oxygen content and can influence the flavour and colour.   Some parts of the world have a high mineral content in the water, which can also have a slight effect on the flavour.

What is the best way of storing SafariLove products?

Keep them in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight.  Avoid the refrigerator. All containers provided by SafariLove are airtight which are ideal for keeping your products fresh and free of moisture damage. 

Why loose leaf tea instead of tea bags?

Quality.  We selected quality ingredients for you and we want you to have the best quality drink.  To do this, we believe that that the leaves, herbs or spices in your drink release their flavour and aroma at their best when they have freedom to move in the water.

Can I send a parcel to a friend as a gift?

Absolutely!  Simply state their address in the checkout and if you wish, add a note for them in the comments box.  If you would also like gift-wrapping, just let us know.

Do you do customised gifts for events?

Yes we do!  Whether it is for your wedding day, a party or business event, we can discuss the many options available to you and customise to different budgets.  Contact us via to start the conversation.

What is the difference between ‘teas’ and ‘herbal teas’?

We refer to teas as all tea drinks deriving from the plant camellia sinensis, this may include, black, green, white, oolong, pu-erh teas.  All of these derive from the same plant but have a different oxidation process.   Herbal teas, or tisanes, are herbal infusions made from a variety of herbs or plants, other than camellia sinensis.

Are SafariLove products imported or local?

We do a mix.  The ingredients for each drink are carefully selected from both local and international sources.

Is my credit card safe?

Yes.  All financial processing is conducted securely via PayPal so you can purchase from our online store with complete ease of mind. We do not store any credit card information.